Dumb Egypt nurse


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This Egyptian nurse is just a dumb. She is getting tricked into kissing a guy she just met while he was taping it. The only reason I put it on the site is because she is cute and I want to encourage the guy to do more with this little dumb slut. I bet he could have made her show him her nice egyptain tits or her tight little arab ass. I will give this guy an A for effort, but he needs to step up his game cause I need some hardcore martial from Egypt, I expect nothing less.

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by Nickname 46 years ago

مرحبا انا شاب من القاهره لو نفسك تعملي كد كلميني اي بنت تحب الجنس وتتناك تكلمني 01226995624

by Nickname 46 years ago

Every single video on this site shows how fucking stupid and disrespectful men are in Arab countries.

by acromiom 46 years ago

her name is eman mansour fahmy and she is a doctor not a nurse >>>
اسمها ايمان منصور فهمي المصري و هيا طبية طوارئ و استقبال في مستشفي الجامعة الاسكندرية